Friday, January 27, 2012

You Don't Believe Me?

How many times have each of us faced people (and yes, doctors) who say that Restless Legs Syndrome doesn't exist? It's just something either the pharmaceutical companies made up to make money, or that we have made up to gain sympathy? Well check this out; RLS symptoms have been around since, oh, about 1672, when Sir Thomas Willis gave this description:

Instructions for curing the Watching evil:
.......Wherefore to some, when being in bed they betake themselves to sleep, presently in the arms and legs. Leaping and contractions of the tendons and so great a restlessness and tossing of the members ensure, that the diseased are no more able to sleep, than if they were in the place of the greatest torture...

Sound familiar? 1672 was just a little bit before modern-day pharmacy companies. Besides, most of us have lived with this demon since way before the current medications were even thought about.

But just in case people still doubt you, here is a listing of others who believe in RLS/WED:

Mayo Clinic
National Institute of Health
National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke
National Center on Sleep Research
American Heart Association
National Stroke Association
Vascular Disease Association
National Sleep Foundation

There are some big guns there; credible organizations that realize the truth--RLS is serious. It affects not only our sleep but our overall health. It is validating to know that we ARE being taken seriously, at least in some major areas. Of course, there will always be intellectually-challenged people (i.e. really dumb) who won't believe that RLS exists no matter what proof they are given. But arm yourself with this list the next time someone from the medical profession brushes you off and see if it makes a difference. It certainly can't hurt and it just might help!


Anonymous said...

Thanks! That's a useful bit of ammunition to fire back at the un-informed.

Kathy said...

It is just so troubling that so many are un-informed and that so many of them prefer to stay that way!

Anonymous said...

What does the WED part of RLS/WED stand for?