Saturday, December 29, 2012

2013 Predictions from Madame Ruby

It's that time of year when all the rag tag magazines and papers put out their predictions for the new year.  I always wonder why they don't have an issue at the end of the year telling which of the predictions came true.  Probably because there wouldn't be much, if anything, in it!  The big prediction this year was the end of the world earlier in December.  I am certainly glad that one didn't come true; I'm not fond of zombies.

However, there are some predictions that have a much greater chance of coming true--at least in the WED/RLS world.  Madame Ruby MoonandStars has been gracious enough to allow me to put them in this blog.

According to Madame Ruby, here are some predictions for 2013:

1.  A new wallet-sized WED/RLS treatment card will become available to help in hospitilization or emergency situations.
2.  The Quality Care Institue will continue to be developed.
3.  The Foundation will continue to support research on WED/RLS.
4.  There will be a World RLS Awareness Day in September to focus on disease awareness and education.
5.  The WED/RLS Facebook page will continue to grow and be a good source of support.
6.  Product reviews will be available in NightWalker magazine.  These will be based on use by actual WED/RLS patients with pros and cons of product but no endorsement one way or the other.
7.  The WED/RLS Foundation and Board of Directors will continue to do the best they can to increase awareness, improve treatments, and through research, find a cure for WED/RLS.
8.  It will be discovered that cows hold the answer to world peace.

Okay, so the last one is pretty far-fetched; Madame Ruby was starting to get tired around then.  Apparently, making predictions is a strenuous activity.  However, I think she is right on the others and of course, time will tell. In any case, I wish for each of you a better year in 2013 than you have ever had.  Happy New Year!