Friday, June 1, 2012

An RLS Hero

Recently the RLS Foundation sent out some information about a fundraising group called Planet Green.  This group recycles ink cartridges, old cell phones and other small electronics.  A carton of 20 items usually results in about $50 being returned to the organization.  It doesn't take long to collect 20 of these items from work, school, church, family and friends.  And a $50 check going to the RLS Foundation is great! 

Linda contacted the RLS Foundation about participating in this program.  When asked why, this is what she had to say:

I feel since the organization does so much to inform & educate the public and medical profession and sponsor research, all the better to give you credit to further this work.  It is easy to do, since I have always recycled the cartridges anyway..I recalled a mention in either an online post or in one of the newsletter that you were requesting these quite sometime ago.  I periodically print out quite a few photos, and print things occasionally as needed, so glad you can get some credit for them.  I know any donation is put to good use. 
I was first medically diagnosed with severe RLS in 1991 by symptoms and a sleep study to check why I was so tired all the time.  I used the organization information, online community and local meetings to learn more about RLS and PLMD, and how common they are. I attended a very helpful regional conference sponsored by the organization many years ago also; think it was in Long Beach or possibly San Diego.

I realized it was inherited from my Dad's side, and some of my sons and grandchildren also have RLS. I was a dental hygienist for44 years and able to refer patients to start with your website to become informed and know they were not crazy or alone when they mentioned, or I witnessed, their symptoms while in the dental chair. I have found friends and acquaintances over the years withRLS and discussed the disease with them and refer them to to learn more and seek treatment.
 I am retired and on a very tight budget, and unable to contribute monetarily other than my basic membership, but this donation is one small way I can easily help.

Linda would rather not have her last name given.  She didn't do this for the glory, as you can tell by her story--she did it because it was a way to help the Foundation.  Many people are in the same financial boat as Linda but she just found another way to help.  It's something all of us could do and it would not only help the RLS Foundation but help our planet too.  For more information about this program, call the Foundation at 507-287-6465 or email them at  Will you be our next RLS Hero?!!

Moon and Stars,