Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What Will You Be For Halloween?

October. Fall. Colored leaves falling to the ground. Pumpkins, cider, harvest moon, hay rides...it all adds up to my favorite time of year. I love the cool days and cooler nights. I love to snuggle under blankets at night; I love to sleep and sleep and sleep. Wait a minute; something in this just is not tracking. (Fall, leaves, pumpkins, snuggle, sleep...) That's it! Sleep! I never get enough sleep!

Despite the lack of sleep, I do love this time of year. There's just a different feeling in the air that doesn't come from cooler weather or falling leaves. For me, it all stems from my childhood. When I was growing up, October was full of excitement all month long. Halloween costumes were in the making--no purchased masks for us! We drew pictures of costumes, begged and borrowed clothes, raided Mom's makeup bag and Dad's shoe closet. At various times I was a princess, a bum, a ghost and a fairy. The Halloween costume that stands out in my mind the most though was Blackbeard, the Pirate.

Dad shredded the bottoms of a pair of my jeans (much to my Mom's dismay!) and made me a really cool pirate sword out of cardboard and aluminum foil. I had an eye patch and a bandana around my head but the best part was the black makeup Dad used to make it look like I had a beard. Which was also the part that made it all so memorable. It didn't wash off. I don't know what he used but I went around for days with blonde pigtails and a five o'clock shadow.

This isn't my normal blog about RLS; I just wasn't in the mood. Halloween is almost here and hopefully you can feel the same shivering excitement in the world around you as I do. Life is too short to let RLS control everything, all the time. Have fun! Since we're up most of the night anyway, go trick-or-treating! Tomorrow we may be sleep-walking zombies but if we are, let's just it make part of our Halloween costume.

Moon and Stars,


Donna McLellan said...

ha, I will be a witch as usual. :o) I was born In Salem, MA, so that makes sense right? happy haunting!

Kathy said...

Too funny!!! Going as myself will be scary enough!

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